The Project Awards Committee will view and better acquaint themselves with the projects during the day of Friday, Oct 23 and Saturday, Oct 24. More details on the specific times of these meetings/visits will be communicated at a later stage.
The committee will review the participating projects’ online Horyou profiles to evaluate the online support gathered around the project and the member activity (via lights, posts, updates, visuals, etc.). They will also take into account the following criteria (not exhaustive list):

• Originality and relevance of the project
• Global reach / applicability
• Positive impact for society
• Facilitate and create links between citizens
• Bring positive consciousness about key topics for sustainability
• Innovative
The 10 Project finalists will be announced on the website and via email on Saturday, Oct 24 late afternoon.
The 10 Project finalists will have a 5-minute presentation on stage between 11:30 and 12:30 on Sunday, Oct 25. The exact order of presentations will be communicated at a later stage. The Projects Awards Committee will attend the presentation session.

Guidelines for the Presentation Session
The presentation session will be held as per the details below.
Date: Sunday, Oct 25
Time: 11:30 – 12:30
Room: Main stage
Venue: BFM

Structure: each project bearer will have 5-minutes to speak about their project. This session will be live streamed and recorded. Your presentation should address the following points:
• Country/region involved
• Statement of the problem: What is the problem that the proposed project is meant to solve?
• Present the main features of the proposed solution
• How important is the problem? Is it of local, regional or international scope? Tell about the incidence of the problem on the people or region, and specify the area of importance (the economy, health, jobs, ecology, climate, biodiversity, education, empowerment, technological development, etc.)
• Say in which ways it is a solution to the problem (how relevant is it to the situation/people/country/region/etc.)
• What results can be expected short/mid/long term
• What does the solution involve in terms of costs/human and other resource? Is it easy to implement? Does it have any undesirable effects on any possible level? Does it involve any other equipment (electrical, technological, training, etc.)
• Is it meant to be offered free of charge or sold? If sold, what is the cost and is it reasonable?
• Have any sponsors/investors been contacted?
If you wish to use a PowerPoint presentation, please note that we must receive your PowerPoint in format 16:9 by Sunday morning before 09:00 at this e-mail address:

After the 10 Project finalists’ presentations, the Projects Award Committee will make their final decision. The Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, Oct 25 at 16:00 where the 3 project winners will be announced.


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